Privacy Policy

We would like to add you to our e-mailing list. If you agree, then you are authorizing us to send you e-mail messages, subject to the following:

  • We may, from time to time, send an e-mail message to the sender (only) of a pdf file, but only if that sender advises that they wish to be added to our e-mailing list. If you do not opt to be added to our e-mailing list, then your e-mail address will not be captured and stored at all, ever. No e-mail will ever be sent to the recipient of a pdf file.
  • All e-mail will include the option of being removed from our e-mailing list. So if our messages to you do not add value to your day, then opt out again and you will be removed from the list.
  • We will not inundate you with mail and we will always try and limit whatever we send to you to topics that are likely to be of interest to you. We will never try and sell you any product.

    Among the types of messages that we may send are the following:

    • Announcements of enhancements to our web site. For example, over the next six months, we will introduce a number of additional free services such as Insurance-Applications.com, Insurance-HelpWanted.com, Insurance-Conventions.com, Insurance-ContinuingEd.com and others. We'd like to tell you when these come on-line or when we make major improvements to these sites. We do not anticipate sending more than one such message in a month in the next year and likely less often after that.
    • We'd like to tell agents and brokers in our distribution area what new products or services we are adding, what lines or classes of business we are having particular success placing, etc. We do not anticipate sending more than two such messages in a month.
    • When we like to tell agents and brokers in other states that we may expand into that we are opening our doors in their states. We do not anticipate sending such a message to any single address more than one time -- and more likely we will not expand all that widely. As such, most such agents and brokers will never receive such a message.
    • We'd like to inquire of insurance company personnel if they know of a market for a particular large account or for a program that we may be trying to market. We expect that this will be an infrequent occurrence.
  • Under no circumstances will your address be sold, traded, loaned or in any other way distributed to anyone else. We are in the insurance business -- not in the mailing list business. Our objective is to add value to your day and we will respect your time as much as we would like our own to be respected.

If you have any questions about this policy, please call or email Bill Tanner at 360 / 613-5455. Thank you.

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